Irfan Qamruddin, Adel Z Siddiqui, Sidra Butt.
Disinfection of Dental Impressions: A Survey of Private Practices and Dental Universities in Karachi, Pakistan.
J Pak Dent Assoc Jun ;20(1):19-22.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the compliance of dental practitioners towards disinfection of dental impressions and to notify the reasons if they do not follow the general guidelines of impressions disinfection. METHODOLOGY: A questionnaire that comprised of 10 questions was distributed to the general dental practitioners doing private clinics and to various dental colleges and universities of Karachi, Pakistan. Questionnaires were recollected after a period of 3 weeks. RESULT: A response rate of 74.6% was achieved. 58.5% of practitioners don not disinfect and 15.6% do not even rinse their dental impressions after they are made. Shortage of disinfectant solutions in clinical practices and lack of awareness of the importance of the issue, were among the most common reasons of their negligence. CONCLUSION: The response from the dentists indicates that the dental colleges in Karachi should incorporate the impression disinfection protocol in their curriculum.

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