Farzeen Tanwir, Amna Tariq.
Diabetes and Periodontitis: A Commensuraible Relationship.
J Pak Dent Assoc Jun ;20(1):40-8.

Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome that is rapidly seeping into our lives due to reason like sedentary dietary habits and genetic predisposition. A number of oral diseases and disorders have been associated with diabetes mellitus. Periodontitis has been identified as a possible risk factor for poor metabolic control in subjects with diabetes. Hence the diabetes is a disorder of importance to dentists, dental hygienists and to patients seen in the dental office as it has bidirectional relationship with periodontitis. The authors reviewed the literature to identify oral conditions that are affected by diabetes mellitus. They also examined the data concerning periodontitis as a modifier of glycemic control and it is also evident that dental clinic can be a site for diagnosis and prevention of poor glycemic control. Although a number of oral disorders have been associated with diabetes mellitus, the data support the fact that periodontitis is a complication of diabetes. Patients with long-standing, poorly controlled diabetes are at high risk of developing periodontitis and the development of other clinical complications of diabetes. Evidence suggests that periodontal changes are one of the foremost clinical manifestation of diabetes. Diabetes is an important and wide spreading health care problem. The evidence suggests that oral health care providers can have a significant, positive effect on the oral and general health of patients with diabetes mellitus; the dental office could provide an important opportunity to identify individuals unaware of their diabetic status.

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