Lubna Latif, Usman Javed Iqbal.
PREVALENCE OF CARDIAC DISEASES; During pregnancy and its feto-maternal outcome.
Professional Med J Jan ;22(11):1443-8.

The objective of this study was to find the prevalence of cardiac disease among pregnant females and its impact on feto-maternal outcome. Study Design: Descriptive case series. Setting: Cardiology department Gulab Devi Chest Hospital Lahore Duration: April 2013 to April 2014. Patients & Methods: All pregnant females with cardiac disease at any gestation with booked or un-booked statutes were included in this study. Patients were admitted for thorough evaluation and investigations. Labor was monitored intensively. Data regarding maternal outcomes were noted down on pre-formed questionnaire. Intra partum and postpartum details were also noted down along with fetal outcome. The results were analyzed using SPSS version 16.0.. Results: The total number of females presented with cardiac disease was 2650, out of which only 35 women were reported as pregnant. The duration of pregnancy at the time of presentation was as follows: 05 (14.2%) females presented in first trimester, 20 (57.1%) in second trimester, 08 (22.8%) in third trimester and 02 (5.7%) patients presented in postpartum period. There were 08 (22.8%) patients who had preterm labor. In terms of fetal outcome 04 babies had birth weight of less than 1.5 kg, 12 had 1.5-2.0 kg, 15 were in range of 2-2.5 kg and 04 were more than 2.5 kg. 27 (77.1%) were term and 08 (22.8%) were preterm babies. Cleft lip and atrial septal defect were the only two identified congenital anomalies. Conclusion: The overall prevalence of cardiac diseases during pregnancy was found to be 1.3% in this study. Most common affected age group was of 20-25 years. Most common cardiac disease found in our patient was mitral stenosis. 02 pregnancies ended in intrauterine fetal death. 08 babies were born preterm. Cleft lip and atrial septal defect were the only two identified congenital anomalies in newborn delivered by our pregnant patients. Every effort should made to create awareness regarding pre-pregnancy counseling, so that associated fetal and maternal morbidity can be reduced.

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