Ghazal Raza, Sehrish Ahmed, Shahjahan Katpar, Daud Mirza, Anum Baqar.
Benign Migratory Glossitis - A Neglected Oral Health Issue in Pakistan.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;6(4):232-5.

ABSTRACT: Objective: To investigate the frequency of benign migratory glossitis (BMG) and its association with medical conditions. Materials and Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional and multicenter study was carried out in Karachi and Hyderabad city. A total of 2022 dental patients of 10-80 years of age were included. After taking verbal informed consent, clinical examinations and proforma was filled chair side. Descriptive and comparative analysis were done using SPSS version 23 and Chi-square test was the choice of analysis to test the significance of the undertaken objectives. Results: Frequency of BMG was found to be 33(1.6%). Higher predilection was seen in females 21(1.03%) as compared to males 12 (0.59%). 10(5.8%) cases were found in 51-60 years of age group followed by 9 cases in 31-40 years. The most common affected site was dorsal surface of the tongue 29 (87.88%). Cross tabulation of BMG with medical condition revealed presence of BMG in 3hypertensives and 1 diabetes mellitus patient. Remaining 29 cases were not suffering from any medical condition. The association of BMG with fissured tongue was also investigated and found statistically significant in 11(33.3%) cases with a p-value (P<0.001). Conclusion: Frequency of BMG was found to be 1.6%. Majority of cases of BMG did not have any association with medical conditions. Fissured tongue was found in statistically significant number of BMG cases. Keywords: Glossitis, Benign Migratory Glossitis, Geographic Tongue, Lesion, Frequency, Association, Medical conditions

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