Bashir A, Tahir S, Nasim A, Khan J S.
OSPE - As An Assessment Tool! Teachers And Students Perspectives.
Biomedica Jan ;32(4):288-95.

Background and Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare the perspective of students and teachers regarding the OSPE as an assessment tool in the subject of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Method: A qualitative phenomenological study was carried out at Obs and Gynae unit 2 Jinnah Hospital/AIMC Lahore. Total 12 semi structured interviews were conducted, six individual interviews with students and six with teachers to explore their perceptions and versions regarding the OSPE as an assessment tool. Data was collected till saturation point reached. Data was analysed for its inherent themes and subthemes. Results: Three major themes were generated. Construction and administration of OSPE, examining body’s responsibility towards OSPE and ways to improve OSPE as an assessment method. Conclusion: This study concluded that OSPE is an excellent assessment tool, however the type of assessment, the way it has been introduced to students, its construction and administration all play an important part in making it valid reliable and standard assessment method.

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