Aliya Zahid, Taquayya Sultana Abidi.
Evaluation of Body Weight in albino Rats exposed to Chloroquine during their intrauterine life.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):179-80.

There are very few published studies assessing the safety of medications during human pregnancies. Data from animal teratogenecity studies are extremely valuable. A study was carried out to see the effect of chloroquine on body weight of albino rats which were exposed to chloroquine during their intrauterine life. In this study, 24 pregnant female albino rats were used divided in 4 groups. Total gestational period in rats ranges from 20-22 days, which in this study was divided into three trimesters, each of seven days. Using oral dose of chloroquine 700mg/kg body weight in first, second and third weeks of pregnancy, it was found that chloroquine caused statistically significant decrease in body weight of offsprings. Maximum decrease was found in those which were exposed during third week of pregnancy. In conclusion, chloroquine should be avoided during pregnancy especially during the last trimester.

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