Saeed Ashraf Cheema, Riaz Ahmad Warraich.
Head and Neck Tumors - An analysis of first one hundred cases managed at Maxilofacial Surgery Unit Mayo Hospital Lahore..
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):181-3.

A total of 100 cases of head and neck tumors were managed during period of three years. These included 61 males and 39 females with age ranging from 4 years to 75 years, mean age being 41 years. Squamous cell carcinoma was the most common tumor i.e., 47 cases. It was followed by ameloblastoma i.e., 15 cases. Follow up of 72 cases was available, eight patients died during this study while rest of the cases i.e., 20 patients, did not show for follow up. Among 72 cases, there was recurrence of the growth in 27 cases while 45 cases did not have recurrence till the time of completion of this preliminary study. Reconstruction with regional or distant flaps was needed in 46 cases.

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