Khalid Javeed Khan, Muhammad Shabbir Chohan, Ammara Hassan, Muhammad Umer.
Experience with on table inspection of Appendix Mucosa & its Role in diagnostic efficacy.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):186-7.

Within two years (1999-2002) 89 patients presented in the casualty department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital who were diagnosed clinically as borderline cases of acute appendicitis. These patients were operated for appendectomy. To confirm the diagnosis on-table appendicular mucosa inspected which showed different varieties of the acute inflammation on gross examination. In this study Surgically 18% appendices were normal but proved inflamed Histologically. Similarly 15% such appendices were inflamed on the table but histopathological examinations proved them normal. This study does help us, in future, to diagnose the cases of acute appendicitis in the casualty department and prevent the complication rate of the acute appendicitis.

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