Khalid Javed Butt, Sadaqat Ali Khan, Muhammad Mudassar, Abdul Qayyum.
Preoperative Fasting in patients for Elective Surgery is double the normal maximum time in Government Hospitals - it needs some attention to reduce it..
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):188-9.

This study was carried out on two hundred patients divided into two groups, each comprising hundred to compare `nothing per oral duration in patients undergoing elective surgery in government and private hospitals`. NPO duration in government hospitals ranged 8 to 19 hours mean 12 hour while in private hospitals NPO duration ranged 4 hour to 10 hour while mean duration was 7 hour. It was seen that NPO duration in patient for surgery in government hospitals was far in excess than recommended and twice than maximum recommended NPO time. The reason for this increase in NPO duration was long list of patients undergoing surgery in government hospitals. The second reason seemed to be that patients appeared to be commencing their NPO long before nil by mouth status was imposed by ward staff. This prolonged NPO duration adds psychological stress to the patients and their relatives. This could be harmful to the hypertensive, ischaemic heart disease and diabetic patients. It is suggested that patients should be explained in detail when to fast exactly and operation list should be planned according to number of operation tables and surgeons availability.

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