Khawaja Khurshid, Asim Shaukat, Yasser Amin, Sarfraz Ahmad, Tair Qadeer, Jawed Sidiqui M A.
Multi Planar Reconstruction and Maximum Intensity Projection: The Role of Reconstruction in Helical CT (FMPR and MIP), special reference to FMPR..
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):198-9.

The advent of multidetector CT has changed the way we interpret the CT. It has special roles in reconstruction to diagnose and evaluate the pathology in different planes. Helical CT, although is not as good as is the Multidetector, multislice CT, yet it is of immense help. We evaluated about 10 patients in the Department of Radiology Mayo Hospital, Lahore on the Helical CT and did FMPR (Multi planar Reconstruction) and MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection). The value interpreted is the hall mark of this study.

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