Mubarak Ali.
Prevalence of Simian Crease in General Population.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):200-1.

This prospective study was performed to access the prevalence of simian crease in general populations, was conducted at outpatient department of THQ, Khanpur from 1st to 31st January 1999. The hands of four thousand individuals, irrespective of age and sex, visiting outpatient department were examined to find out the presence simian crease. Out of four thousand individuals 40 (1%) had unilateral simian crease while 12(0.3%) had bilateral simian crease. All the cases with bilateral simian crease had Down syndrome. The prevalence of unilateral simian crease is less, while that of bilateral simian crease is more in our country as compared to western countries.

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