Ghulam Mujtaba, Muhammad Khalid, Irshad Hussain.
Tila Dermatitis clinical profile in 90 Cases.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):202-3.

In Pakistan, Hakeems (Practioners in herbal medicine) thought to be the sex specialist. They use different medicines both topical and systemic. Their famous topical medicine is known as TILA (meaning gold) which is applied topically on the penis daily at night. To document the contact (allergic/irritant) potential of Tila. During a period of 5 years, 90 patients were diagnosed with tila dermatitis on the basis of clinical data. Sixty percent patients got acute contact reaction on first application while 40% on repeated applications. Majority of the patients presented after few days with picture of acute dermatitis with erythema, swelling, oozing and crusting. About 20% patients also had fever and secondary infection with inguinal lymphadenopathy. 10% patients needed surgical debridement. Tila dermatitis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of inflammatory dermatoses affecting genitalia in adult males.

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