Shahzad S Qureshi, Mulazim Hussain Bukhari, Ghazala Hanif, Munir Azhar, Nasir Iqbal, Naveed I A.
Accuracy and clinical utility of Cytological Typing of Lung Tumors.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):204-6.

To evaluate the diagnostic reliability of bronchial washings and brushings in typing lung carcinomas by means of histological comparative study and to assess its usefulness in clinical management. It was a comparative study, collected on clinicopathological basis. The study was conducted at Pathology and Chest Surgical Departments of King Edward Medical College Mayo Hospital, Lahore from March 1998 to July 1999. One hundred consecutive malignant cases were included in this study and clinical parameters e.g. age, sex, smoking habits, gross/ bronchoscopic findings and histopathological features were studied. Cytopathology is a good tool for the diagnosis of pulmonary carcinoma. It is an easiest, accurate and cheaper method for the diagnosis of this tumor. The overall accuracy of this method was 100% It was concluded that two groups scheme (Binary System) is highly useful on cytological specimen because it exhibits high diagnostic accuracy and its two subgroups of small and non-small cell carcinoma coincide to the currently utilized treatment protocols.

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