Yasin Rafi, Ghulam Muhammad, Abrar Ashraf Ali, Yar Muhammad, Muhammad Ahmad, Javaid Athar.
Pilonidal Sinus over the sternum.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):237.

Pilonidal sinus is commonly seen between the buttocks. Other sites like umbilicus, neck, axilla and penis have been described in the literature. We report a case of pilonidal sinus over the chest which was successfully managed with excision of the sinus and primary closure of wound.

A young female of 22 years presented in Outpatient Department of Mayo Hospital with discharging sinus on upper part of sternum after trauma for the last 10 years which never healed despite treatment by local doctors. Patient was obese but not hairy. On local examination there was 1x1 cm discharging sinus with hair protruding out. Sinus track was indurated. She was diagnosed as a case of pilonidal sinus over sternum. Excision of sinus with primary closure was done under local anaesthesia. Recovery was uneventful. Biopsy showed presence of hair in sinus track and inflammation which was consistent with clinical diagnosis.

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