Tahir Masood, Hafiz Muhammad Haider Khan, Waqar Ahmed Awan.
Effects Of Isokinetic Strength Training On Subjective And Objective Knee Performance Of An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injured Athlete.
J Med Sci Jan ;25(1):88-9.

This case study reports the effects of isokinetic strength training on subjective evaluation, knee range of motion, hamstring and quadriceps strength, hamstring and quadriceps peak torque production. Biodex System 3 Pro was used to train an anterior cruciate ligament -injured athlete for 15 sessions at five different velocities in both knee flexion and extension. 2000 International knee documentation Committee score improved by 147% while hamstring and quadriceps strength increased by 358% and 305% respectively. Speed-specific hamstring peak torques showed marked increments (132% - 408%). Similarly, quadriceps’ peak torques increased by 81% to 213%).

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