Shazia Tariq, Tahir Sarwar, Jawad Ahmed, Ghazala Afridi, Shenaz Bukhtiar, Sunia Arif, Qurat-ul Ain Tariq, Hayyan.
PCR Amplification And Expression Analysis Of P7 Gene Of HCV In Huh-7 Cell Line.
J Med Sci Jan ;25(1):49-53.

Objectives: To know the PCR amplification and expression analysis of p7 gene of HCV in Huh-7 cell line. Material & Methods: In this study, blood samples were collected from HCV positive patients from Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. RNA was extracted and then converted into cDNA using gene specific primer. P7 gene of HCV was amplified using PCR and subsequently sequenced through Sanger sequencing. P7 gene was then cloned into mammalian expression vector pCR3.1and expressed in Huh-7 cell line. RNA was extracted from transfected cells and then converted into cDNA with the oligo (dt) primers, expression of p7 gene was studied. Results: For the first ever time in KP, Pakistan, p7 gene was amplified, sequenced, cloned and expressed in Huh 7 cell line. Conclusion: Expression of p7 gene of HCV can be used for comparative analysis of another strain of HCV of different location and this provides an opportunity for the development of novel anti-HCV drugs with good efficacy and minimal side-effects.

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