Rabia Sadaf, Shahnaz Perveen, Arzoo Gul, Farhat Khanum.
Frequency of outcomes of diagnostic dilatation & curettage in women with abnormal uterine bleeding.
J Med Sci Jan ;22(2):60-2.

Objective: To emphasize the diagnostic role of dilatation & curettage as a tool for endometrial assessment in women with abnormal uterine bleeding. Material and Methods: Randomized cross sectional study which was conducted at Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar, KPK from December 2011 to December 2012. Total 100 women aged between 20-50 years with menstrual irregularities were included in our study. Women with palpable pelvic mass, known pregnancy complication and medical disorders were excluded. Diagnostic dilatation & curettage done under general anesthesia. Endometrial curetting were sent for histopathology and data was recorded on predesigned performa. Results: In 40% of cases intrauterine lesions were diagnosed. The endometrial lesion found on histopathology were adenocarcinoma of endometrium in 04( 4%), adenomatous hyperplasia in 2(2%) cystic hyperplasia in18 (18%.) simple hyperplasia in 04(4%) , endometritis in 10(10%),endometrial polyp in 2(2%). 25% of intrauterine pathology were reported in women aged 41-50 years. Conclusion: Dilatation & curettage is still an effective method of endometrial assessment in women with abnormal uterine bleeding.

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