Mumtaz Ali, Gohar Ali, Muhammad Usman, Zahid Khan, Ali Haider, Seema Sharafat, Hayat Mohammad Khan, Khalid Mahmood Khan, Zia-ur Rehman, Muhammad Ali.
CT scan findings in patients with moderate and severe head injuries.
J Med Sci Jan ;21(3):137-40.

Objective: To determine the CT scan findings in patients with moderate and severe Head injury. Material and Methods: It was a cross sectional descriptive study done in the Department of Neurosurgery Government Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan from February 2012 to March 2012. All patients who were admitted with moderate and severe head injury were included in the study. CT scans were done for all these patients. Consecutive non probability sampling technique was applied. Record of the patients collected on a performa and then analyzed for results. Results: Among 150 patients studied 77% were male and 23% were female. 50% of patients in the study were in the age range of less than 10 years. Road traffic accident was the most common cause of head injury. Fourty three percent were having severe head injury while 57% were having moderate head injury. Twenty nine percent patients were having unremarkable CT scan findings, Extradural hematoma in 10%, Subdural hematoma in 7%, Subarachnoid hemorrhage in 12%, Depressed skull fracture 7%, pneumocephalus 10%, linear skull fracture 17%, brain edema 14%, contusion 13%, burst lobe 2%, intracerebral bleed and intraventricular extension in 3% of patients and hydrocephalus in 1% patients. Conclusion: Road Traffic accidents and falls are the common causes of head injury and the most common CT scan findings are linear skull farctures, brain edema, contusions, Extradual and subdural Hematomas.

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