Tahira Parveen, Hamid Hussain, Noor Nasir Khattak.
Effects of phloroglucinol on augmentation of labour in primigravida.
J Med Sci Jan ;21(3):131-3.

Objectives: To study the effects of Phloroglucinol on augmentation of labour in primigravida and its maternal and fetal adverse effects. Materials and Methods: A comparative study conducted on hundred selected primigravidae divided by toss of block randomization into control group and interventional group with 50 patients in each. In control group labour was augmented by artificial rupture of membranes (ARM) followed by 10% intravenous oxytocin infusion at rate of 10 drops/min and interventional group was augmented by ARM followed by 10% oxytocin infusion at rate of 10 drops/ min intravenously along with a single dose of 80mg phloroglucinol intravenously. Results: The interventional group had shorter labour with lesser rate of CS and Assisted Vaginal Deliveries (AVDS). Less amount of oxytocin used in this group so the babies had better Apgar Score (A/S) with no maternal or fetal complications as compared to the control group. Conclusion: The patients of both the groups matched with regards to baseline demographic and clinical features. The results revealed that augmentation in interventional group was better than control group, with no side effects.

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