Sayed Agha Ali Shah, Mubbasher Amer Syed.
An audit of colorectal cancer histopathology reports in a tertiary care hospital.
J Med Sci Jan ;21(3):128-30.

Objective: To audit the completeness of histopathologic reports of Colorectal Cancer for prognostic information in a tertiary care hospital in the light of Royal College of Pathologists of UK guidelines. Material and Methods: Fifty-eitht histopathology reports of colorectal cancer from January 2007 to December 2012 were reviewed in Rehman Medical Institute, Peshawar, Pakistan for the information content in the light of Royal College of Pathologist of UK guidelines. Results: Majority of data items were mentioned in the histopathology reports, however background pathologic abnormalities, resections margins (Doughnuts), staging, apical lymph node involvement, relationship of tumor to peritoneal reflection and circumferential resection margins in rectal tumor were poorly mentioned. The mean lymph nodes isolated were twelve (12). Conclusion: The quality of histopathology reports is unsatisfactory. Action should be taken to improve the histopathologic reports by introducing structural proformas, clinicopathologic conferences and adequate guidelines.

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