Naqqash S, Ishaque M, Zaman S.
Comparison of Synechiae Formation in Patients with Nasal Polyps Undergoing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with and Without Microdebrider.
Esculapio J Services Inst Med Sci Jan ;8(3):114-8.

Objective: To compare the frequency of synechiae formation in patients with nasal polyps undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery with and without using microdebrider. Material & Methods: This study was conducted at ENT department of Fatima Memorial College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore and Central Park Medical College, Lahore/Kasur between June 2008 and June 2009. One hundred patients with nasal polyps were included who, after thorough examination and investigations, underwent endoscopic sinus surgery with and without microdebrider. Results: The mean age of patients in group A (Microdebrider endoscopic sinus surgery) was 32.6+10.43 years. Male to female ratio was 1:1.08 in group A and 1.17:1 in group B. Synechiae formation after 4 weeks was 8% in group A and 10% in group B (p=0.5). Conclusion: There is no difference between both groups after 2nd and 4th postoperative week of synechiae formation.

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