Farooq Rahman Soomro, Ghulam Murtaza Pathan, Parvez Abbasi, Doulat Bajaj, Nuzhat Seemabhatti, Javeed Hussain, Abdul Manan Bhutto, Yoshihisa Hashiguchi.
A survey of cutaneous leishmaniasis at village gaibi dero, district Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;7(2):137-9.

Background: In Pakistan cutaneous leishmaniasis occurs sporadically throughout the year and various out breaks are reported frequently. The disease, once endemic in Baluchistan, has become highly prevalent in Sindh, North West Frontier Province and parts of Punjab. The present survey was conducted after the outbreaks of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the mountainous belt of upper Sindh. Material & Methods: This survey of cutaneous leishmaniasis was carried out in mid January 2003 at village Gaibi Dero, Larkana District, adjoining the Baluchistan province. Results: A total of 500 people were examined out of which 200 were found to be suffering from cutaneous leishmaniasis. The patients appeared with various cutaneous manifestations such as papules, nodules, ulcers and erythmatous plaques. The present outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis may be due to migration of people from the endemic areas of Balochistan to the adjoining areas of upper Sindh. Conclusion: Cutaneous leishmaniasis is endemic and increasing in upper and other parts of Sindh province. This requires attention of health authorities to take appropriate measures for its effective control.

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