Iram Quddus, Farhana Samir, Humera Waqar, Sarwer Qureshi.
Concomitant Use of L-arginine with High Butter and Corn Oil Diet Prevent their Harmful Effects on Adrenocortical Cells of Albino Rats.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;8(1):35-9.

Objective: to compare the bichemical and morphological effects of L -Arginine against the changes caused by butter and corn oil supplementation Study design: A prospective experimental study Place: Department of Anatomy BMSI, JPMC Duration: August to October 2008. Methodology:Male Albino rats weighing 200 - 240gm were selected and divided into 5 groups. Group ?CL? received standard laboratory diet. Group ?Bu? received 20% added unsalted butter in diet. Group ?Co? received 20% added corn oil in diet. Group ?BuAr? received 20% Butter with L-Arginine 300mg /kg body weight /day orally .Group?CoAr? received 20%corn oil along with L-Arginine 300mg/kg body weight/day orally. on completion of study period that is 4 weeks, animals were sacrifised. Blood was drawn for hormonal assays. Adrenal glands were removed and fixed in buffered neutral formalin. Right adrenals were processed and sectioned at4 ?m thickness to be stained with Mallory trichrome stain to visualize blood vessel. Left adrenalswere sectioned with cryostat in 10?m sections and stained with Oil red O to visualize fat in cells. Results:Highly significant and moderately significant decrease observed in ACTH (Adrenocorticotrophic hormone)levels in Group BuArand CoAr when compared to Bu and Co respectively; insignificant difference was found between BuAr&CoAr. Moderately significant and significant decrease observed in corticosterone levels in Group BuAr and CoAr when compared to Buand Co respectively. Insignificant difference was found between BuAr and CoAr . Mallory trichrome stained section showed less dilated blood vessels in BuAr&CoAr compared to Bu & Co respectively, while difference among the former two was not remarkable. Oil red O stained sections showed less densely packed fat globules in group BuAr&CoAr compared to Bu and Co respectively. Difference between BuAr&CoAr was not marked. Conclusion: Butter has more stimulatory effect on adrenal cortical cells but the comparison with corn oil is not statistically significant except for ACTH levels. L Arginine seems to be effective in lowering the levels of stress hormones, fat accumulation and vasodilatation when given along with corn oil and butter oil.

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