Riaz Qadeer, Rubina Salma Yasmin, Rizwan-ul Haq.
Causes of Un-natural Deaths in Peshawar.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;13(4):337-9.

Background: One of the aims of medicolegal autopsy is to find out mode, manner and cause of death in any suspicious unnatural death. The present study provides informations about cause of death in 400 cases of unnatural deaths that were autopsied. Place of Study: Study was conducted in the department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology of Khyber Medical College, Peshawar. Methodology: This descriptive study consist of total 400 autopsies performed on all referred cases from the rural as well as urban areas of Peshawar district during the period from 1st January 2013 to 23rd May 2013. Results: It was found out from the results that 71% unnatural deaths were due to firearm injuries 10% were due to road traffic accidents and 6% unnatural deaths were due to bomb blast injuries. Asphyxial deaths were 4% & blunt trauma, stab wounds, burns, anaphylactic shock, renal shut down or addiction were the cause in 5% cases and on autopsy no cause of death was determined in 4% unnatural deaths. Conclusion: This study will help the policy makers in preventing the preventable causes of unnatural deaths by controlling firearms, improving roads, education and social justice.

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