Naheed Afshan Irfan, Maham Ghouri, Aliya Hayat.
Zika a Big Concern to the Recent World.
Natl J Health Sci Jan ;2(1):31-4.

ZIKV is the most promising mosquito borne Arbovirus infection. Aedes mosquitoes are responsible for causing this disease. About 80% of infections are asymptomatic. Our aim is to get an overview about the epidemics of ZIKV infections throughout the years from the first case in Uganda whyich occurred in 1947 till now. Studies reveal that the disease occurs from being mild to severer with complications like microcephaly, fetal malformations and Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS). It arises from the regions of Africa, Nigeria, Sierra, Leone, and Gabon. Diagnosis occurs through PCR; Zika viruses can cross-react with other flaviviruses. There are various factors that are vague regarding the Pathogenicity of ZIKV. No medication and vaccine are available for treating Zika virus infection. Vaccine of Zika is expected to arrive soon. If the modern procedures are followed and chased appropriately it could lead to the control of this infection.

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