Saira Yahya, Shahana Urooj Kazmi.
Anti Campylobacter Activity of Extracts of Daphne Mucronata and Symplocos Racemosa Against Avian Isolates.
Natl J Health Sci Jan ;2(1):14-9.

Bacterial gastroenteritis mainly caused by Campylobacter sp. is a major health concern in Pakistan. In order to investigate the primary sources of Campylobacter infection, total 81 cloacal swab samples were collected from different avian species in Karachi. Campylobacter strains were isolated, identified and antibiotic susceptibility pattern was studied. All isolates of Campylobacter were sensitive to Gentamicin and Ofloxacin. It was observed that 23% of the C. jejuni positive isolates were resilient to tetracycline, 45% to ampicillin, and 12% to erythromycin. The Campylobacter isolates showed susceptibility to the extracts of two plants namely Daphne Mucronata and Symplocos racemosa. The sensitivity of the isolates towards these extracts can be an alternative to the traditional antibiotics for the treatment of Campylobacter infections.

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