Munira Borhany, Qazi Shaikh Abbas Borhany.
Prevention and Management of Blood Disorders Under Shariah Guidance.
Natl J Health Sci Jan ;2(1):2-7.

Objective: The purpose of writing this article is to convince the Muslim communities worldwide - the second largest religious entity of the world - to adopt modern medical steps, which provide safety and care. Methods and Discussion: Irrespective of their education, Muslims are highly influenced by Islam. They never consider science equal to their religion; therefore, in Muslim countries it is very difficult for any government, authority or institution to enforce norms in the respective medical sector through acts or ordinances. Instead, the canon source of Shariah can communicate this message easily. The masses practice their daily affairs as per Shariah as they believe that Shariah is the fountain of divine wisdom. Providing Muslim religious sources in this research paper is purely to communicate a scientific study under the guidance of Shariah to the community worldwide. Conclusion: It is hoped that numerous Muslims would take advantage from it. The Ulama [Muslim clergy] and Madrasahs [Seminaries] have a pivotal role in influencing health education and its promotion amongst members of the Muslim community. They can provide potential access to people for raising, understanding and encouraging the use of health services as well as ethnic blood donor drives.

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