Asif Siddiqui, Nameera Ahmed, Aaisha Ahmed, Annum Aslam.
A Profound Insight of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in Pakistan.
Natl J Health Sci Jan ;2(4):142-3.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is considered as a major unresolved health issue and prevalence of cardiac emergencies are common in Pakistan. Many people are suffering from different cardiac diseases which include heart attack, cardiac arrest and congestive heart failure. Multiple deaths are reported especially in rural areas due to sudden cardiac events. Cardiac arrest, also known as cardio-pulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest, occurs suddenly causing complete cessation of cardiac activity and is confirmed by loss of effective circulation [1], as a result the blood flow towards the brain progressively worsen which further causes difficulty in breathing. This combined effect of depression in breathing and loss of effective circulation leads to ischemia and causes sudden death [2].

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