Waseem Raja, Syed Badshah Hussain Zaidi, Sidra Waheed, Muhammad Khan, Umer-ul Haq, Batool Butt.
Comparison of Short Term Mortality in Ischemic Stroke Patients with Or without Stree Hyperglycemia.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;66(6):851-6.

Objective: To compare short term mortality in non-diabetic ischemic stroke patients with or without stress hyperglycemia. Study Design: Cohort study. Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out at Neurology Department of Military Hospital, Rawalpindi from Jan 2010 to Jul 2012 for a total duration of six months. Material and Methods: Non-diabetic ischemic stroke patients were included in the study and they were divided in two groups. Each group had 75 patients. Group ?I? (Normoglycemic or control group) had normal blood glucose level while group ?II? (Hyperglycaemic or cohort) had hyperglycaemia on presentation or over next 72 hours. Prognosis in terms of patient either being dead or alive was determined within or at 4 weeks of admission in both groups. Data were entered and analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSS version 10. Descriptive statistics were calculated for both qualitative and quantitative variables. for comparison of short term mortality in hyperglycaemic and normoglycemic stroke patients, chi-square test was applied. p-value <0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: Short term mortality was higher in cohort (hyperglycemic) group as compared to control (normoglycemic) group (34.7% vs. 14.7%). Relative risk was 2.36. the groups had a statistically significant difference in the short term mortality within four weeks with a Chi-Square ?p? value of 0.004 (p=0.004). Conclusion: Short term mortality in non-diabetic ischemic stroke patients with stress hyperglycemia is higher than those patients who do not have stress hyperglycemia.

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