Faiza Irshad, Saira Munawar, Areej Rasheed.
Effects of Ginger Extract on Glomerular Mesangial Matrix of Kidneys in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Nephropathy of Albino Rats.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;8(2):87-91.

Background: for a long time, Diabetes mellitus has been treated with medicines derived from plants. Objective: to evaluate the effect of Ginger aqueous extract on Glomerular mesangial matrix in Alloxan induced diabetic nephropathy of albino rats. Materials and Methods: in this study we induced diabetes mellitus with Alloxan intraperitoneally (150 mg/kg body weight) in Experimental groups B & C. Then the rats of Experimental group C received 200mg/kg body weight of ginger aqueous extract by gavage daily for five weeks starting from 8th day after Alloxan injection. Results: We observed that on histopathological examination, Experimental group B kidneys revealed highly increased mesangial matrix while the animals of experimental group C treated with ginger aqueous extract showed less increase in mesangial matrix as compared to experimental group B but it was more than control group A. Three groups had significant difference among them having p-values <0.001. Conclusion: the results of the present study indicated that the co-treatment of Ginger aqueous extract prevented alloxan induced diabetic nephropathy in albino rats. the aqueous extract of Ginger showed amazing results regarding renal histopathology of diabetic rats. the overall nephroprotective effect of Ginger is probably due to a counteraction of free radicals by its antioxidant components. KEY WORDS: Diabetes mellitus, Kidney, Diabetic nephropathy, Ginger, Alloxan

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