Beena Barkat Ali, Shazia Naseeb, Razia Korejo.
Factors Associated with Timely Initiation of Breastfeeding among Mothers in JPMC.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;8(2):92-6.

Objective: Study the frequency of common factors Associated with timely initiation of breastfeeding. Study design: Descriptive Cross sectional. Duration and place of study: this study was conducted at, Jinnah postgraduate Medical center Karachi unit-I from 19 May to 18 November 2015. Material & Methods: a total of 108 mother infant pairs were selected by Non probability consecutive sampling technique, meeting our inclusion criteria. Informed consent was taken after explaining the pros and cons, purpose and procedure of the study. the common factors associated with timely initiation of breastfeeding like age of the mother, gestational age, parity, educational status, working status of the mother, mode of delivery, birth weight of the baby and gender of the baby were evaluated through face to face interview of the mothers . Results: in our study mean age of mothers found to be 26.1 years old. Mean birth interval found to be 3.1years. Mean birth weight of the babies was 2.86 kg. Mean gestational age of the Patients was 38.1weeks. Most of the babies were female 63(58%) other were male 45(42%).Out of 108 patients, 40(37%) received Primary education, 27 (25%) were graduated, 18(17%) were Illiterate, 13(12%) secondary and 10(9%) were Intermediate. Thirty eight (35.2%) belonged to middle class, 56(51.9%) to upper middle class and only 14(13%) to higher class. Fifty eight (53.7%) women were multiparae and 76(70.3%) were employed; and Mostly 66 (61%) delivered through Cesarean -Section. Conclusion: According to this study the main conclusion of Common factors associated to timely initiation of breastfeeding were age of mothers(74.07%) more than 20years , parity 2 or more( 61.1%), educational level secondary and above (50.9%), house wives (32.9%), male sex of infant (41.6%) and Vaginal mode of delivery (38.8%) Keywords: Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding initiation, primigravidae, practices

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