Muhammad Shahrukh Khan Sadiq, Moona Mumtaz, Syed Abrar Ali, Jouhrah Hussain Khan, Syed Ahmed Omer, Zahra Karim, Daud Mirza.
Frequency of Oral Findings with Reference to Diabetes Mellitus Patients: a Multi-center Cross-sectional Study.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;8(2):114-6.

Objective: Oral pathological findings are often associated with diabetes mellitus. the aim of the study was to assess the frequency of oral findings among diabetic patients of both genders. Materials and Methods: a cross-sectional observational study was conducted from February 2017 to November 2017 at Bahria University Dental Hospital & Mamji Hospital, Karachi. a total of 363 diagnosed patients of diabetes mellitus were selected for the study. a questionnaire was designed and oral clinical examination was performed. the collected data was analyzed by using SPSS version 23. Results: a total number of 363 diagnosed patients of diabetes mellitus were included in the study. among these 187 (51.52%) were male and 176 (48.48%) were female. the overall oral mucosal findings were predominantly present in male diabetic patients as compared to females. Conclusion: the result of this study showed a high prevalence of oral pathological findings in diabetic patients. Keywords:Dentistry, Diabetes mellitus, Oral mucosa, Lesions

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