Wedad Y Awliya, Yousra H Al Jazairy.
A comparative study of Shear Bond strengths of Opaque and Restorative Materials veneered to Amalgam.
J Pak Dent Assoc Jan ;11(4):183-6.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the shear bond strengths of two opaque materials bonded to amalgam and to compare the results to the bond strength of two restorative materials bonded to amalgam. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty amalgam samples were prepared and the surfaces of all samples were treated with 50 um aluminum oxide particles. Then, the veneering restorative materials (Tetric Ceram and Ellan) and the opaque materials (Bisco opaque and Vitrebond) were packed on the amalgam surfaces in a split Teflon mold. After 24 hours, shear bond strength of the materials bonded to amalgam was tested using a universal testing machine. RESULTS: The results indicated that the shear bond strength of Bisco opaque was significantly better than that of Vitrebond. Also, no significant difference was found between the shear bond strength of Bisco opaque and Tetric Ceram restorative material bonded to amalgam surfaces. CONCLUSION: The shear bond strength of opaque bonded to amalgam, to mask its unesthetic appearance, was comparable with the bond strength of the esthetic restorative materials to amalgam.

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