Malik Hussain Jalbani, Nisar Ahmed Shaikh.
Experience with cold knife optical internal urethrotomy and temporary dilatation.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;41(4):145-7.

Objective: to evaluate the out come and efficacy of cold knife optical urethrotomy and temporary dilatation. Design: a retrospective analysis of 127 cases. Place and duration of study: the study was carried out over a period of three years (March 1997 To April 2000) In The Larkana Medical Centre Private Larkana. Subjects and methods: One hundred and twenty seven male patients with urethral stricture were treated with cold knife optical urethrotomy over a period of three years. An analysis was carried out of the short-term results of optical internal urethrotomy and temporary dilatation to determine the out come and efficacy of the procedures. The age range was 15-75 years, the mean age being 36.6 years. Results: the follow-up period of treated patients ranged from three months to three years. The results showed that early morbidity was 15% with no mortality. The recurrence rate was 8.9%. The results are consistent with other studies and confirm this as the preferred initial procedure in urethral stricture of penile, bulbar , membraneous and prostatic urethra. Conclusion : Optical urethrotomy is the preferred initial management of urethral stricture. Urethroplasty should be considered in failed optical urethrotomy and recurrent urethral stricture disease.

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