Nazhir Ahmad, Khalid Javaid Abid, Aamer Zaman Khan, Syed Tahir Ahmad Shah.
Penetrating Duodenal Injuries - Our Experience.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(4):289-91.

This prospective study was conducted over a period of two years from January 2000 to December 2001 in West Surgical Ward, Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Thirteen patients were admitted through Accident and Emergency Department with firearm and stab injuries of abdomen. All patients were male and underwent exploratory laparotomy. Seven (53.84%) patients had grade H duodenal injuries. Among surgical options duodenorrhaphy in two layers was carried out in 9 (69.23%) patients, pyloric exclusion in 1(7.69%), Whipple`s procedure in 1(7.69%) patient. Major postoperative complications noted in the series were duodenal fistula in 2 (15.38%) and intraabdominal abscess in 2 (15.38%) patients. There were 3 (23.07%) deaths in the study.


whipple and exclusion are oyt of fasion 3 tube method seems to work well
Posted by: nahmed on Aug 2003

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