Tahira Nishtar, Nosheen Noor, Muhammad Aftab.
Tuberculosis Rather Than Interstitial Lung Disease, the Commonest Radiological finding on High Resolution Computed Tomography in a Local Community.
Pak J Chest Med Jul ;23(3):107-12.

Objective: To determine the common radiological findings and diagnosis on High Resolution CT in our community. Methodology: This retrospective observational study was carried out in Department of Radiology, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014. 101 consecutive cases of HRCT done in the specified period were retrospectively analyzed. Standardized proforma was designed for data collection. All patients who were referred by clinicians for HRCT to radiology department were included in the study. HRCT was done using standard protocols of 2mm thickness, non contrast pulmonary window. Results: Commonest radiological findings were consolidation (54.4%) and bronchiectasis (35.1%). Cavitation was seen in 29.8% and fibrosis in 26.3% of cases. Commonest radiological diagnosis based on these findings was chronic inflammatory lung disease-tuberculosis (56.4%). Second common diagnosis was infective pneumonia (19.8%) and interstitial lung disease was seen in 7.9% of cases. Conclusion: Although HRCT is the modality of choice for interstitial lung disease, but radiological manifestations of tuberculosis and its sequelae was found the most common radiological diagnosis in our study due to high prevalence of disease in the community.

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