Nawaz Rashid, Umer Ali Khan, Rabia Farid Khan, Shahnaz Javed Khan, Shahnaz javed Khan.
A Study of Vitiligo at Out Patient Department of Dermatology, Mayo Hospital, Lahore..
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;5(2):126-7.

Vitiligo is a depigmentating condition of unknown origin. However, during recent years important clues have been found, such as antibodies against melanocytes, generation of free radicals affecting cell membrane or cytoplasm. Our study included 30 patients of vitiligo reporting to Department of Dermatology, Mayo Hospital, Lahore. A questionnaire was filled including various variables like age, sex, site of onset, skin type etc. 1t was observed that age of onset was between 10-29 years in the majority of cases. The light skin patients were more affected (76.6%) than dark skin patients (23.3%) So, it indicates as if light skin patients between the age of 10-29 years are more susceptible to vitiligo.

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