Nausheen Adnan, Uzma Bukhari, Iffat Raza.
Evaluation of Weight Changes on Wistar Rats Induced By Erythromycin and Aqueous Neem Leaves Extract.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;9(1):3-7.

ABSTRACT: Objective: To evaluate weight changes on the liver of male (albino wistar) rats induced by erythromycin. To assess the outcome of aqueous Neem leaf extract on erythromycin induced hepatic injuries. Methodology: Eighty male albino wistar rats were taken randomly and were divided into 4 groups of 20 animals each. Group A as a control group. Group B rats were treated with erythromycin drug. Group C rats were treated with erythromycin along with Aqueous Neem leaves extract. Group D were given only Aqueous Neem leaves extract. Body weight of animals was recorded initially and also after experimentation. After 14 days animals were sacrificed, liver weight was also recorded. Results: The liver of erythromycin treated animals group B were little bigger in size and more reddish. However erythromycin plus Neem treated animals of group C livers were almost like liver of control group A and only Neem given group D animals, liver were exactly same appearance like control group A.Rise in absolute and relative weight of liver was because of drug toxicity. Conclusion: Its established from this recent study that Aqueous Neem leaves extract being a powerful antioxidant, decreased oxidative stress and hepatic injury caused by erythromycin.

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