Furqan Mirza, Muhammad Junaid Alam, Amer Sabih Hydri, Salman Mutiullah, Iqbal Hussain Udaipurwala, Syeda Beenish Bareeqa, Areeba Nisar, Syeda Sana Samar.
Assessment of Hearing Status in Rickshaw Drivers of Karachi.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;9(1):8-12.

Objectives: To assess the hearing status of the rickshaw drivers of metropolitan city of Karachi. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Methodology: A total of 128 rickshaw drivers with minimum experience of two years were selected and pure tone audiometry was performed to assess hearing status. Data gathered through structured questionnaire after verbal and written consent. History was taken regarding ears and hearing followed by local examination of both ears in each subject to rule out the presence of wax or any otherabnormality. Results: The average age of the participants was 46.25±15.20 years. The mean driving experience was 14.88 ± 6.27 years. Out of 128 rickshaw drivers, hearing impairment was observed in 112 (87.5%) cases while only 16 (12.5%) had normal hearing. Only 7 (5.47%) drivers were using any protective device due to excessive exposure to noise. Rickshaw drivers are exposed to excess noise on roads in Karachi and most of themare suffering from noise induced hearing loss. Secondly most of them are unaware and ignorant about this problem and do not use any protective measures.

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