Muhammad Asim Shafique, Muhammad Fahim, Masood Akhtar, Muhammad Adnan Anwar, Anum Jamshed.
Hearing Loss among Excessive Mobile Phone Users; a Cross Sectional study at Bahawal Victoria and Civil Teaching Hospitals Bahawalpur.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;9(1):21-4.

ABSTRACT Objective: To assess the hearing loss among the subjects using excessive mobile phone. Methodology: 50 subjects were entered for this study with age ranging from 20 to 40 years using mobile phone for more than 5 years. 25 subjects who used mobile phone for less than (<) 60 min /day formed one group, while 25 subjects who used cell phone for more than (>) 60 min /day formed the second group. The hearing levels of all the subjects were tested using Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA). Duration of mobile phone usage was assessed by questionnaires. Results: There was a significant increase (p-value .00006) in the hearing thresholds at all frequencies in air conduction and bone conduction in right ear in test group compared with the control group. Similar result was found in the left ear except for bone conduction at frequency 4 and 6 (kilo hertz) kHz. Excessive use of mobile phone caused Sensory neural hearing loss and the prevalence was 84% in group who used mobile phone for > 60 min / day and 20% in group who used for < 60 min / day. Conclusion: Excessive use of mobile phone may cause increase in pure tone threshold associated with the duration of usage.

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