Khalid Aziz, Abida Arif, Ghousia Shahid, Ayesha Afridi, Muhammad Faisal Fahim.
Perception and Barriers of Research Conduction among Faculty Members of BUMDC.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;9(1):25-9.

ABSTRACT: Objective: To identify the perception and barriers regarding research conduction among faculty members of BUMDC Methodology: Descriptive cross sectional survey was conducted in Bahria University Medical and Dental College from June-September 2018. Participants both male and female with minimum one year of clinical/academic experience were included. Exclusion criteria were those faculty members not willing to participate and visiting faculty members. Results: The response rate of this study was found to be 116/133 (87.21%). Faculty members of MBBS were 74(63.8%), BDS faculty 34(29.3%) and DPT faculty 8 (6.9%). Most difficult area of research was found to be statistical analysis 56 (48.3%). Research is a important component of medical education 83 (71.6%) respondents strongly agreed. I consider research as a part of long term career goals 55 (47.4%) strongly agreed. Barriers were Lack of funding was strongly agreed by 44 (37.9%). Lack of time was agreed by 49 (42.2%) respondents and strongly agrees. Conclusion: Perception of faculty was found to be positive regarding conduction of research. Majority of faculty members reported that research is an important part of medical education to enhance knowledge. Lack of funding, time and access to journal were found to be barriers in conducting research. Interest in research will develop if these barriers are minimized.

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