Wasim Ashraf, Ehtisham-ul Haq, Khawaja Ehtesham Ahmad.
Prevalence Of Hypertension In Gazetted Officers Of Different Departments.
J Cardiovascular Dis Jan ;14(2):46-50.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of hypertension in gazetted officers of different departments in Government sector. METHOD: This Descriptive cross sectional study was conducted at Mir Pur Azad Jamu Kashmir in 2013 -2014. Gazetted officers from different departments, both genders and all age groups were examined for presence of hypertension. They were categorized according to their blood pressure reading as prehypertensive, stage-1, stage-2 and hypertensive crisis. Frequencies and percentages were calculated for all categories. RESULTS: Total number of participants was 593. The prevalence of hypertension was found to be as high as 38.27%(227 patients). Results of Blood pressure distribution showed that pre hypertensive cases were 286(48.22%) more commonly observed as compare to stage 1 (28%), stage 2 (9.6%)and hypertensive crisis (0.5%). Maximum participation was from education department. Out of 535 patients from education department, 243 were pre hypertensive, (157%) were in stage 1 and (52%) were in stage 2 hypertension and 3 subject had suffered a hypertensive crisis. Out of 12 subjects from health department, 9 were prehypertensive and 3 patients were in stage 1 hypertension. CONCLUSION: Maximum number of participants was at pre-hypertension stage and education department had maximum representation with a high prevalence of hypertension.

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