Sumiya Arshad, Ishtiaq Ahmed Qureshi.
Gastric Trichobezoar in a 03 Years Old Girl; a Case Report and Review of Literature.
Pak J Radiol May ;26(3):261-5.

The term “bezoar” is derived from Arabic word Badzehr meaning “antidote”. Bezoars were described by reports dated as early as 1000 years BC, when they were considered as extremely powerful amulets and thought to have possessed purifying and healing properties. As of today, the word “bezoar” is used to describe accumulation of indigestible foreign bodies or substances in gastrointestinal tract resulting in formation of intra gastric mass. It is classified into various forms depending on the composition. In this case report we describe a case of trichobezoar in a 03 years old girl. To the knowledge of author only few cases of trichobezoar have been reported in children younger than 05 years of age. Our patient presented with palpable abdominal mass with no suspicion of trichobezoar due to no definite history of trichophagia. However on CT scan abdomen, diagnosis of trichobezoar was made which was later confirmed on surgery.

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