Rashid Nazir, Mobeen Ahmed, Shaista Riaz, Riaz Ahmed Khokhar, Ahmed Kamal.
Understanding Hemifacial Microsomia: Correlation of CT and Clinical findings.
Pak J Radiol May ;26(3):218-27.

OBJECTIVE: Using clinic-radiological approach, describing fundamental CT findings defining hemifacial microsomia and incorporating the format of OMENS/ OMENS modified classification system. MATERIALS AND METH ODS: 12 patients selected from the database; 6 males and 6 females with the age ranging from 7 months to 22 years. RESULTS: Mandibular abnormality was observed in 83 % of patients, out of which 60% had mild, 20 % moderate and 20 % had severe deformity. Soft tissue deficiency observed in 75 % of patients of which 44% mild, 22 % of moderate and another 33 % with severe degree of deformity. Macrostomia was seen in 66 % of patients. The auricular deformity was seen in 58 % of cases. The orbital involvement was present in 33 % of cases ranging from mild orbital asymmetry to dytopia. CONCLUSION: The modified OMENS clinical classification system is so for the most accepted system for describing features of HM. Using the multi detector CT (MDCT) as imaging modality and incorporating the findings into the format of modified OMENS system a clinico-radiological approach was sought by which we were able to improve the perception of disease process and delineated imaging findings in much better manner with lesser chance of error

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