Muhammad Asif Shahzad, Adnan Aslam, Muhammad Imtiaz, Daud Mirza.
Burden of Cysts and Tumors Around Impacted Third Molars.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;9(2):98-101.

Objective: To assess the frequency of cysts and tumors around impacted third molars. Study Design and Setting: Cross-sectional study was conducted at the OMFS department, Lahore Medical & Dental College, from August 2015 to January 2018. Methodology: A total of 2057 patients were operated for the removal of 2354 impacted third molars and analyzed for their associated pathological lesions(cysts/tumors). Patients were evaluated with thorough history, clinical and radiological examination. Panoramic and periapical radiographs were primarily used to assess the site of third molar impactions (maxilla/mandible) and their associated pathologies confirmed with histopathological examination. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 20. Results: The patients? ages were between 17 to 62 years (Mean±SD, 28.12±8.585). There were n=709 (34.47%) females and n=1348 (65.53%) male with female to male ratio of 1.9:1. The mandibular to maxillary impacted third molars ratio was 1.66:1. An overall frequency of 1.36% for cysts and 0.72% for tumor associated with impacted third molars was demonstrated in the current study. The most frequently diagnosed cyst was dentigerous whereas ameloblastoma was the most commonly identified tumor. Conclusion: A relatively lower frequency (2.08%) of pathological lesions was found around third molars. The study reported a smaller number of pathological lesions affecting a significant minority of patients. It is recommended that a dentist/oral maxillofacial surgeon should be consulted at the earliest if any symptoms in the third molar region arise along with imaging of the area.

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