Kiran Fatima Mehboob Ali Bana, Nadia Khalid, Wahab Kadri.
Importance of Quality in Medical and Dental Institutes.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;9(2):159-61.

There is a dire need to incorporate quality improvement measures in medical education of our country as now worldwide the paradigm is shifted from the students? outcome to the continuous quality improvement (CQI) measures. The ultimate goal of CQI is to provide optimal patient care. This is the responsibility of the accreditation council (PMDC) to ensure the true application of quality improvement indicators in medical institutes. The quality document introduced by the PMDC is the true reflection of the world accreditation bodies WFME, WHO. By ensuring the true application of this quality document, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council will be able to compete with the International standards of medical education through competent future physicians.

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