Abdul Rasheed Qureshi, Hamid Mehmood, Muhammad Irfan, Adnan Mushtaq, Hina Mushtaq.
Ultrasound Assisted Pleural Biopsy with Abram Needle is a Valuable Tool in diagnosing Exudative Lymphocytic Pleural Effusions.
Ann Pak Inst Med Sci Jan ;14(1):58-63.

Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of US assisted pleural biopsy using Abram Needle. Study Design: A non-randomized prospective study. The study was approved by Ethical Board of Gulab Devi Chest hospital Lahore. Methodology: The study was conducted at the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Gulab Devi Chest Hospital Lahore. 141 male patients with undiagnosed, unilateral, exudative, lymphocytic pleural effusion were included in the study during Jan. 2014 to Nov. 2015. Pleural biopsy was performed with Abram needle after an informed consent, having localized the biopsy point by chest radiographs & sonography. Tissue samples underwent histopathological evaluation. Diagnosis was made on histopathology reports. Statistics was applied. Results: Six samples were inadequate while 135 were adequate. 31.11% cases were malignant while 68.88% were nonmalignant. Out of 93 nonmalignant cases, 7.52 % were normal pleurae, 46.23% were caseous granulomatous inflammation, 25.80% were chronic nonspecific pleuritis, 10.75 % cases were chronic pleuritis with fibrous thickening, 9.67 % cases were acute pleuritis. Biopsy success rate was 95.74%. All patients tolerated the procedure well. No serious complication occurred. Conclusions: Abram needle pleural biopsy using ultrasound assistance is very safe and excellent diagnostic tool in diagnosing exudative lymphocytic pleural effusions.

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