Samira Adnan, Maham Muneeb Lone, Muneeb Ahmed Lone, Ham Habib M Elham.
Awareness Regarding Emergency Management of Avulsed Teeth Among Medical Professionals Working in Emergency Departments of Select Hospitals in Karachi.
Ann Jinnah Sindh Med Uni Jan ;4(1):35-40.

ABSTRACT Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the knowledge of physicians working in emergency departments/ rooms (ED/ ER), regarding emergency, first-aid handling, and management of dental avulsion cases. Methodology: This cross-sectional survey was conducted at the ERs of private and public sector hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan from August 2017 to January 2018. Data was collected using a survey questionnaire form with multiple-choice format, from 62 participants working in ERs of private and public sector hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan. The survey form included questions on sociodemographic details and questions on knowledge, confidence, and skill for handling of dental avulsion, prior experience, and interest in improving current relevant knowledge. Results: More than 80% of respondents were not satisfied with their current knowledge regarding management of dental avulsion and wanted to take continuing medical education courses to improve it. Only 12.9% of respondents could identify milk as the best storage medium to store avulsed teeth. The majority of respondents would rather refer these cases to a dentist than perform emergency management. Conclusion: In order for physicians working in emergency rooms to better handle cases of dental avulsion, it is essential that basic knowledge regarding management of dental avulsion is communicated to them with the help of continuing medical education courses, workshops, and incorporation of dental trauma management in the medical curriculum. Key words: Tooth avulsion, emergency room, management

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