Samina Naeem, Irfan Khurshid, Shahnaz Akhtar, M Y Kazi, S Zaman, Abdul Hayee, Naveed I A.
Morphologic Study of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-FAB Classification and its Relationship with Age and Leukocyte Count in 257 Childhood and 57 Adult Cases.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;5(2):167-9.

Morphology of blast cells was studied in 314 patients of acute Lymphoblastic leukemia, they included 257 children (<=15 years) and 57 adults (> 15 years). L1, L2 and L3 morphology was seen in 191 (60.8%), 118 (37.6%) and 5 (1.6%) of childhood cases and in 32 (56%), 24 (42%) and 1(1.76%) of the adult cases respectively. In childhood ALL the prognostically unfavorable age group of 10-15 years was associated with a higher proportion of L2 cases (50.9%) than the prognostically favorable age group of 1-9.99 years (32.8%), the difference being statistically significant p=0.021. Among adults also, L2 morphology was more frequent (75%) in the prognostically unfavorable age group above 35 years than in younger patients (37.5%). Frequency of FAB types at various levels of total leukocyte count was determined. L2 was seen in 28.7% of patients with TLC below 4x109/L, in 43.7% with TLC 4-50x109/L and in 38.2% in the high risk group with TLC above 50x109/L, showing no increase in the frequency of L2 ALL in this group.

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