Irshad Hussain, Aftab Mohsin, Naseem Abbad, Muhammad Saeed, Ali Ajwad Shah, Fatima Shah.
Diagnosis of Tuberculosis and Myco-Dot Test.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;5(2):174-6.

A comparison of usefulness of Myco Dot test in the diagnosis amongst patients having tuberculosis, with those having lobar pneumonia was done. This prospective study was carried out to assess the usefulness of Myco-Dot test in diagnosis of tuberculosis (Pulmonary and extrapulmonary) and to compare the result in patients with non tuberculous infection (Lobar pneumonia) in South medical ward (Unit III) and medical emergency department of Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Twenty six patients having tuberculosis, 8 with pulmonary and 18 having extrapulmonary tuberculosis 10 males 16 females, age range 16 to 70 years. 26 patients having lobar pneumonia 20 males and 6 females age range 14 to 78 years. Of the 26 patients with tuberculosis, Myco-Dot test was positive in only 8 patients and was negative in 18 patients, over all sensitivity being 30.76%. Out of 26 patients with lobar pneumonia it was negative in all patients. Positive predictive value in tuberculosis is 100% and negative predictive value in tuberculosis is 59%. In lobar pneumonia positive predictive value is zero and negative predictive value is 100%. Myco-Dot test has low (30.76%) sensitivity in diagnosis of tuberculosis but has very high (100%) specificity. In nontuberculosis infections negative predictive value is 100%. A positive Myco-Dot, though uncommon in our series is diagnostic of tuberculosis but a negative test does not rule out tuberculosis.

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